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The Senses of Design

The best design indeed captivates all of our senses, enveloping our being with sensuality, astonishment, and peace.
The best design indeed captivates all of our senses, enveloping our being with sensuality, astonishment, and peace.

From the comforting feel of soft wool and stimulating stone, to the delightful smells of clean leather and newly carved wood, the serene moods and jubilant humor that arises from the alluring visuals and soothing sounds that grace our living spaces, the best design indeed captivates all of our senses, enveloping our being with sensuality, astonishment, and peace, infusing our daily lives with encounters both triumphant and serene, a euphoria of delightful ease and centered emotion. As we ponder the senses of design, we look to the many objects that inspire these chance confrontations and reflect on the myriad of ways they enlighten our curiosities, fascinate our attention, and cast tranquility and rousing harmonies on our bodies for a holistic and all pervasive experience, both provocative and universally aligned.

Balanced, beautiful, and buoyant, good design first caresses the eyes with visuals that please and incite wonder, drawing us in with colors that soothe and forms that inspire joy, making our living spaces sites of aesthetic gratification and endless curiosity. From the bold shapes of the Moroso M’Afrique collection, the sinuous curves of a Zaha Hadid piece for the tabletop, or the vigorous geometries of a Piero Lissoni work of balanced proportion and clean lines, the delicate sense of sight is uplifted and made sublime with the marvels of good design, granting us a contentment of spirit and relaxing our minds with harmony and awe.

Then as we nestle blithely into a well-designed recliner or sofa that cradles our body with cozy luxury and secure consolation and massage our fingers over the smooth contours of a form graced in sensuous fabrics or coming alive with glass, wood, or stone, our sense of touch becomes animated with graceful charm and a hint of purpose, awakening our souls to the sumptuous phenomenon that rests with good design. Whether enjoying the restful and luxurious feel of the Extrasoft, a sofa that makes one senses they are residing on clouds, or gliding through one’s daily rituals over the cool, lissome serenity of an Agape bathroom, our bodies become congruent with elegant design that exists as extensions of ourselves and enriches our lives with feelings of robust warmth and elevated comfort.

One finally must not forget the auditory and olfactory senses heightened when one encounters a work of great design. While some products cater to the specific resolve of these experiences, as with the crisp and inviting sounds of the Transparent speaker or Eames radio, or the delightful aroma of scented candles, each piece of design leaves its own sensory footprint on our domestic aura, be it the rustling of a fabric or the earthy scent of raw material. Overall, the aim of a well-designed living space is a meaningful engagement between people and objects, moving forward profoundly with the intention of the surroundings to provide a welcoming home that embraces all the senses and allows one to navigate the daily routines with communion and repose, curiosity and understanding. The sounds and smells, the look and feel, all culminate to craft an occurrence ripe with elation, amusement, tranquility and poise, connecting our physical senses with our emotional landscape, and transforming ordinary spaces into inviting dwellings that speak to our soulful wellbeing, exquisite, disarming, and all embracing.

June 2024