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A family-run business since 1959 when the Galimberti brothers opened their first artisan workshop “Flexform di Galimberti”.

A family-run business since 1959 when the Galimberti brothers opened their first artisan workshop “Flexform di Galimberti” in the Brianza furniture manufacturing district in Northern Italy, Flexform has seen three generations of partnerships with some of the most renown designers of our time, including Joe Colombo, Rodolpho Bonetto, Cini Boeri, Antonio Citterio, Daniel Libeskind, among others, gifting the public with designs that are unassuming, restful, and unmistakably chic, now available in stores across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

With a focus on original, contemporary designs, Flexform prides itself on subtle elegance, absent of useless abundance and excess, with uncluttered forms and materials that are discreet and never ostentatious. Unaffected by fleeting trends, Flexform furnishings are designed to stand the test of time with enduring quality that will last for generations to come. Simple and refined, clean and modern, Flexform products also value balanced proportions and exquisite materials, making each every Flexform interior a “true island of emotional well-being.” Offering a sanctuary of visual comfort and relaxing tactility, Flexform seating intimately cradles each user with reassured contentment, relieving the mind of the chaos of our hurried world.

Every piece of Flexform furniture is crafted with care in Italy, manufactured and locally sourced from the Flexform production plant in Meda. The “Made in Italy” philosophy translates to only the best master-craftsmen being employed to form each product with the highest expertise and premium quality. With pieces designed to champion everyday life with discerning aesthetics and ease of use, Flexform sets itself apart from other design brands with an emphasis on the effortless, an innate elegance defined by just a few, carefully curated and well-considered objects that create an aura of welcomed refuge and a warm embrace, sleek, sophisticated, and serene.