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Edra was born in 1987 in Tuscany. Today it is known all over the world for the absolute quality of its products.

Superlative comfort, universal elegance, and enduring performance – these are the hallmarks of Edra, an Italian manufacturing brand that has been opening minds to the most exclusive and timeless designs since its opening in Tuscany in 1987. A contraction of the word “exedra”, a room in Greek and Roman grand buildings which, with one completely open side and an atrium full of seats, was a courtly place for conversing, Edra stands for noble aesthetics, social communion, and harmony, bringing people together through the transformative power of good design while uniting artistic traditions with technological research and skilled manual expertise with high quality materials in products that inspire and amaze.

Working closely with world-renown designers like Fernando and Humberto Campana, Francesco Binfaré, Jacopo Foggini, and Masanori Umeda, respected associates that Edra proudly refers to as “authors” of their collection given the talent, intuition, and intellect that breathes life into emotionally poignant designs and the process of making, Edra ceaselessly enthuses audiences with products that are unique, selective, and unparalleled in distinctive character. They are designed to last a lifetime, to passed down for generations, and to above all be experienced with maximum pleasure. Deeply committed to technological research, Edra has developed exclusive patents and innovative solutions to comfort, functionality, and quality, including the creation of Gellyfoam, patented in 2004 and, unlike a spring, does not bounce back but rather envelops the user in the highest comfort as it cradles the body, and the Smart Cushion, whose joints allow one to shape it as desired.

High minded, visually stunning, and strikingly innovative, Edra designs can be seen in museums across the globe, from works in the permanent collection at MoMA New York, in the Centre Pompidou or Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris, the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, and the Die Neue Sammlung in Munich to name just a few. Whether looking for an unmistakably novel sensation like Francesco Binfaré’s Flap sofa, with multiple “arms” that move up or down in a visually arresting dance of support and harmony, or seeking a contemporary icon like the highly celebrated Jenette chair from Fernando and Humberto Campana, Edra carries distinguished and ingenious pieces that invigorate any interior with sparkling vivacity, rich elegance, well-considered craftsmanship, and inimitable personality.

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