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Cappellini was established in 1946 when members of the Cappellini family opened a furniture-making workshop.

In 1946, Enrico Cappellini launched his own furniture brand in Carugo, Italy, a company that has since become synonymous with cutting-edge pieces that redefine contemporary trends and tastes in design communities around the globe. In fact, renown designer Guilio Cappellini, son of the founder and Art Director of Cappellini since 1977, was recently named one of the most influential trend setters in the world by Times magazine.

Known as a scout of sorts for new talent in world of design, Cappellini is also known for catapulting now-famous designers like Jasper Morrison, Tom Dixon, and Marcel Wanders into celebrated international status, making them household names and their products revered items in design’s historical catalogue, enjoyed by audiences still today for their timeless forms and innovative quality. Whether making design icons like Shiro Kuramata’s Revolving Cabinet, Marc Newson’s Embryo chair, and Tom Dixon’s S chair available to the public or offering new and reimagined works from today’s most affecting designers like Dror’s Peacock Chair and Patricia Urquiola’s Lud’o Lounge armchair, Cappellini sets itself apart from other design brands by valuing experimentation and seeking new ways of living, free from the restraints of convention and the expected.

Surprising designs like Joe Colombo’s Tube Chair, Marcel Wander’s Knotted Chair, and the Cloud Bookshelf from the Bouroullec Brothers further pepper Cappellini’s history and redefined a “made in Italy” excellence, complete with an artisanal craftsmanship and discriminating choice of materials that ensures each piece is enduring, useful, and supremely beautiful. Offering the highest quality, most refined furnishings for the home or office, residential or commercial spaces, Cappellini’s reach is diverse and elastic, with a range of carefully designed objects that adapt to any interior both modern and contemporary, all with distinct passion and unique personalities, lyrical, enthused, and visually striking.

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