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Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer started to design exceptional lamps, lighting systems and objects beginning in the middle of the 1960s.

Coined fondly, and correctly, as “the poet of light,” German lighting designer Ingo Maurer bore the soul of a gifted artist with a lifetime dedicated to designs that inspire whimsy, humor, reflection, imagination, and beauty. Playful yet sophisticated, familiar yet inventive, the brand gained recognition in the 1960s for works such as Bulb, a now design icon with an outer bulb made of mouth-blown Murano glass that encases a conventional bulb in homage to the light that shapes our lived experience, a celebrated object which now sits in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

With numerous works that speak of clever personalities which adorn our homes with distinct character and refined finesse, from the winged bulb Lucellino, poised to fly from its post like a mystical bird, to the Zettle’z chandelier, hosting love letters written in various languages in an explosion of art, sculpture and light, Ingo Maurer works are indeed one-of-a-kind, all love songs of sorts to light itself, emotive, elusive, and ethereal. Based in Munich and New York, Ingo Maurer distributes to countries all over the world, known internationally for the well-designed objects and installations that grace residential, commercial, and public spaces alike. Whether crafting lighting for an Issey Miyake fashion show in Paris, creating a luminous space underground at the Marienplatz U-Bahn station in Munich, or granting the public with unique designs enjoyed in private interiors, Ingo Maurer leaves its mark on communities across the globe, exposing light as a life partner to be cherished, enjoyed for its simple details, and celebrated with amusement.

Winner of eight awards, including the 2005 Royal Designers for Industry and the 2011 Compasso d’Oro for a career dedicated to emotionally provocative designs, Ingo Maurer passed away in 2019, but his team continues his legacy to this day, producing his most enthusiastically applauded work and creating pieces and installations that unite today’s pioneering technologies with the clever humor and air of discerning sophistication for which the brand is known, ensuring that Ingo Maurer poetry that illuminates our most beloved spaces lives forward through good, transformative design.

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