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Established in 1954, and forged ahead by the intuition, exceptional insight, and entrepreneurship of founder Aurelio Zanotta.

As one of the most highly celebrated Italian design brands in the world boasting a diverse collection of products, both iconic and contemporary, Zanotta has set the stage for what it means to be “Made in Italy,” focusing on innovative, well-researched, timeless designs manufactured with some of the most cutting-edge production techniques combined with artisanal handcraftsmanship, injecting originality, resourcefulness, whimsy, and cunning beauty into many facets of the everyday. From limited edition works in the Zanotta Edizioni collection to iconic silhouettes that changed design history, Zanotta’s impact on design is vast and poignant, disseminating a profound love for good design to over 60 countries worldwide.

Established in 1954, and forged ahead by the intuition, exceptional insight, and entrepreneurship of founder Aurelio Zanotta, Zanotta began its journey with a focus on sofas and armchairs, looking beyond the utilitarian scope of traditional upholsterers and recognizing design as cultural expression, elevating it to a respected realm typically afforded to art, distinguished and esteemed. At the same time, every Zanotta piece is designed to be used – to enhance the daily lives of real individuals whose emotions are roused and senses are transformed as they engage avidly with each work of design that Zanotta produces, elegant, emotive, and effortless.

It therefore did not take long for Zanotta to take hold of the international spotlight, earning respect and accolades for products that expand the mind, engage the eyes, and withstand the test of time. The Zanotta collection includes an expansive range of work from 131 designers hailing from 18 countries, some masters of modern design, others unsung heroes of design history, some contemporary trendsetters and others new talent, but all united in their flair for the unique and dedication to that which is most refined. From the Sacco armchair, winner of the 1973 Compasso d’Oro and to this day heralded as one of the top ten objects that changed the history of design, to the Sella Stool, an innovative and perhaps irreverent object from the Castiglioni brothers, a bicycle saddle attached to a tilted metal rod, over 321 Zanotta products can be seen in over 55 museums worldwide, 56 of them having received notable design awards. With four Compasso d’Oro awards and nine international recognitions, Zanotta remains a visionary force in the design community, willing to take risks, always igniting curiosity, and infiltrating the design world with a strong cultural depth that has marked its rich, and refined cultivated history.