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Porro was founded in Brianza, the traditional birthplace of Italian quality furniture.

Introducing good design to homes across the world for nearly a century, Porro is renowned for its ardent Made in Italy identity and a passionate elegance that manifests simplicity as utmost sophistication, combined with an intrinsic gift for selecting, working, and interpreting wood to remarkable effect. Established in 1925 in the small town of Montesolaro of Carimonte in Brianza, Italy, by two brothers, Giulio and Stefano Porro, the company achieved immediate success, enchanting discerning customers until the 1950s when a second generation of cousins took over, embracing a more modern style when launching a collaboration with famed architect Giulio Moscatelli. In 1962, another celebrated partnership, one with artist Bruno Munari, produced the imitable Cubovo trolley, a now-iconic reintroduced to production again in 2008.

Today the brand is still managed by the Porro family, who work closely with notable designer Piero Lissoni. Lissoni came on board in 1989 with keen insights and an intuitive aesthetic vision, and has worked as the art director ever since, producing some of Porro’s most easily recognized products, including the classic Ferro table from 1994, a distinctively sculptural item that still embodies the clean design of the brand. Porro now collaborates with equally outstanding designers from all over the world, including Jean-Marie Massaud, Alessandro Mendini, Christophe Pillet, Front, GamFratesi, Buratti Architetti, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Carlo Tamborini, and Wolfgang Tolk, while participating in a number of design exhibitions.

Winner of the EDIDA, or Elle Décor International Design Award, for the Gentle Chair in 2013 and the Mikado sideboard in 2014, Porro designs are known for being meticulous, spirited, and charming, always unified in their minimalist and essential taste, subtracting that which is no longer necessary and leaving behind elements that are exacting, sober, clean, and classic. With a vast range of furnishings characterized by elegant lines and exceptional woodworking, including closets, bookcases, tables, sofas, and armchairs, Porro exudes finesse and refinement, offering stylish solutions for interiors conjoined by formalism, versatility, and imagination. By implementing cutting-edge technologies alongside fine woodworking techniques of the past, in the Italian artisanal tradition, the brand has proved itself devoted to master craftsmanship, using wood in classic and surprising ways. Whether illuminating interiors in the home, the office, in hotels, restaurants, or other commercial sites, Porro design is distinct and easily recognizable, sleek, structured, minimal, visually interesting, and always refined.

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