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Agape at Luminaire

Explore the scared space of the bathroom made nurturing and serenely beautiful with Agape, designs that soulfully reimagine self-care with extraordinary elegance and ease.

Agape at Luminaire

Immerse yourself
in a world of emotions
with Agape—

Agape’s design philosophy is that the bathroom is the center of one’s domestic and private life. A room for the soul to retreat, relax, and rejuvenate oneself. They perceive the bathroom not only as a bathroom in the traditional sense of the work, but also as an architectural space.

For the first time, the design of the bathroom was followed by the products being used, rather than vice versa, where a relationship between body and the space it inhabits becomes a delicate dance of revered calm and quiet unity, a veritable fusion of good design, wise architectures, and profound emotions that shape our daily rituals with divine comfort and vibrant connectivity.

Agape at Luminaire

A room for the soul
to retreat, relax,
and rejuvenate oneself.

Agape at Luminaire

to endure
over time.

Agape’s partnerships with visionary designers like Jean Nouvel, Patricia Urquiola, Konstantin Grcic, LucidiPevere, and Benedini Associati, among others, ensures the unconventional approach taken by the company is performed with a precise dream and unfettered imagination, made with the highest quality raw materials in adherence to only the best in design principles practiced today, for a sophisticated luxury unmatched by anyone in the field.

Quintessentially international, Agape is proud that all products are still made entirely in Italy, with both efficient and environmentally-friendly production processes. With a timeless aesthetic and products made to last, an Agape bathroom offers a soothing respite in any time and place, unparalleled in both extravagant comfort and harmonious beauty.


the world of Agape
in person.

Luminaire’s passion for modern furnishings is driven by the belief that good design is ultimately about living with greater comfort, elegance and ease.