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Technicolour — Peter Saville for Kvadrat

A dynamic exhibition of process, material, and color.
A dynamic exhibition of process, material, and color.

On the occasion of Miami Design Week, join Luminaire in celebrating the collaboration between Kvadrat and Peter Saville with Technicolour, a dynamic exhibition of process, material, and color. Insightful and playful, the exhibition explores the narrative of the collection, which arches from agricultural to industrial, and reminds us that nature is not just a place to visit – it’s our home too. 

It was about the way sheep are marked in the fields to distinguish ownership. I would look at this and it looked like graffiti in the countryside."

It was informed by the colorful sprays used to mark sheep that roam the countryside, which create patterns that Saville calls "rural graffiti". The way in which the bright colours stand out against the white wool was replicated in the Technicolour collection, which features upholstery, rugs and curtains.

The designer had worked with Kvadrat before and the company encouraged him to create his own textile collection. Saville then worked with Stine Find Osther, vice president of design at Kvadrat and Dienke Dekker, Kvadrat's design manager for rugs, on the designs.

Established in Denmark in 1968 Kvadrat and Luminaire share a guiding vision that good design of the highest quality enriches people's lives. Both companies are positioned as pioneers, continually striving for the best in good design through cooperation and curiosity. The company has deep roots in Scandinavia’s world-famous design tradition and seeks to further this heritage through social responsibility and consideration for the environment.

From the beginning, respect for the environment has been a defining pillar of Kvadrat. The design brand uses the latest technology to enhance the quality of its products and reduce their environmental impact. Kvadrat owns weaving mills in England, Norway, and the Netherlands which allows them to retain tighter control on emissions, waste, and resource use throughout the entire production and design process. In keeping with their belief that longevity is at the core of sustainable design, the textiles are created using only the best raw materials so that they are made to last and have the least possible impact on the environment.

Through close collaboration with the world's finest artists, designers, architects, and manufacturing partners, Kvadrat pushes the boundaries of textile design and innovation. The design brand continuously explores new ideas for the usage of materials and techniques in design and manufacturing. Among their collaborators are world-renowned figures such as designers Peter Saville, Patricia Urquiola, and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, architect David Adjaye, fashion designer Raf Simons, artist Thomas Demand, and many others.

Thursday, December 2, 2021