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Inviting Curiosity

Let the mind wander, and marvel at the curiosities that enchant and surprise. 
Let the mind wander, and marvel at the curiosities that enchant and surprise. 

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” -  Plutarch

Let the mind wander, and marvel at the curiosities that enchant and surprise. The soul can ignite with imagination and life becomes richer and more profound when curiosity takes the helm, revealing the stories and the significance behind the why and the how. Curiosity incites creativity, and creativity unveils new ways of living, finding novel solutions for difficulties that perplex us, or discovering poetry in the otherwise mundane. Curiosity performs a powerful role in the designs that traverse our everyday lives, born of deeper occupation with ingenuity and vision, and inspiring the substance of dreams with those who engage them. Whether arresting us when confronted with objects that induce awe or delight, or sneaking up on us during idle moments, curiosity encourages us to look beyond the surface to unearth treasures of meaning, satisfaction, and joy, for those who both craft the products that propel us toward a more secure and captivating future and who absorb their magic with everyday ease of use for a life filled with pleasure and wonder.   

Curiosity finds its origins in the latin word cūra, which means to care. A disciplined, purposeful curiosity is certainly native to a desire to care for the world and the people in it, and with design, a concern for those who experience the design and a careful attention to that which is designed. It is no mystery that a healthy dose of curiosity drives the best designers living today, whether summoning empathy to better understand the user experience and create products that address the needs and desires of many, or constantly asking questions about how something can be made more efficient or more beautiful.  Without curiosity, Paola Lenti may not have investigated color with as much verve as she did in her early career, experimenting with new, exciting pigments that infuse the vibrant and expressive work she is known for today like the joyous Cove sofa with its inquisitive internal container or the bright and jovial Crochet rug, made with care by hand. Curiosity also drives new technologies, uncovering the potential of uncharted territories and achieving more meaningful goals, as with Standard sofa by Francesco Binfaré for Edra and the Smart Cushion technology that grants superlative comfort in any position one may rest. With a cavernous desire to understand how things work paired with the inimitable courage to explore what is new and what is left to discover, curiosity gives designers the determination and the enterprise to design thoughtful pieces that improve the world around us with care, addressing our daily needs with work that also raptures our emotions, exquisite and profound.   

Compelling and powerfully persistent, curiosity is all around us, waiting to be discovered. According to many psychologists, curiosity fuels the brain, making us more intelligent and enhancing our perseverance. When you open your mind and engage curiosity, you unleash a sense of wonder replete with joyous exploration. A playful inquisitiveness when accessing new design leads to connection with the world and a delight in participating with it. Emotions like surprise and trust play a role, and that may activate a certain air of vulnerability, but is ultimately rewarding in its conclusion. The alluring and at times unexpected designs at Luminaire celebrate this inquisitiveness, thought provoking amazement, and rousing emotions, while capturing the eye and flooding the senses with distinction and poetic grandeur. Whether finding oneself bewitched by an object as functional and enchanting as Tord Boontje’s Witch Chair or discovering the unexpected softness of the wonderous and enigmatic Pebbles sofa for Moroso, a storied world of discovery awaits, a riveting journey of imagination and astonishment ready to be transfixed, hand in hand with a Luminaire design professional. Curiosity can make a better world, from the designers who find more beautiful, more powerful, and more efficient ways to live, to those who explore the world with a questioning mind, enhancing lived experience and resulting in daily routines that are made more joyous and serene. Be curious, and you can design the life you wish to live, with purpose and fascination.

February 2024