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Paola Lenti

The Company was founded in 1994 in Meda, the main production district for contemporary furniture in Italy.

Vibrant, expressive color has become the trademark of Paolo Lenti rugs and furniture, vivid hues birthed from the stunning pigments Paola Lenti herself experimented with in her youth, now introduced in the signature yarns exclusive to the brand. Established in 1994, with an initial focus on textiles and materials research, this namesake company now represents an entire domestic universe, with rugs, seating, furnishing accessories, tables, bookcases, and movable backdrops designed with equal finesse in collections for both the indoor and out, creating melodious environments that are born from a harmonious balance of past and present, technology and tradition.

Artistry and industry unite in Paola Lenti products – her work embraces a local, handmade feel while taking advantage of advanced production processes in crafting yarns and fabrics. Through a partnership with distinguished interior and product designer Francesco Rota that began in 1997, Paola Lenti has become renown for outdoor design that translates the top quality, comfort, and refined design of the best indoor furnishings to an open-air environment. Rugs, too, are a significant accessory in the Paola Lenti collection, the first products introduced on the market under the Paola Lenti brand, and the design element that helps define space. Woven, loomed, or hand-tufted, the art of weaving in the Paola Lenti company is measured, technically precise, and contemporary, handling the textiles of the Lenti brand with the care and respect they warrant. One example of their signature yarn, the award-winning Rope, was the result of over four years of extensive research and is offered in 50 shades that can be combined to create almost 300 hues, saturating the environment with colors that invigorate and inspire.

Three-time winner of the Compasso d’Oro, for Francesco Rota’s Linea in 2001 and his island in 2004, and for Axel Bussmeyer’s Loom in 2011, Paola Lenti was also granted the Good Design Award in 2018 for the Lido Series, a chair, armchair, and bistro table all made with a new, exclusive material, Diade, designed by Lenti, light, resistant, and recyclable. Respect for the planet remains a priority – Paola Lenti continues to also produce furniture that is durable and recyclable, utilizing production processes with low environmental impact. With design that is simple yet expressive, objects from Paola Lenti transmit empathy and emotion, enlivening the world with design that is essential, refined, and vivacious.

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