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Omer Arbel Monograph

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  • Omer Arbel Monograph

    Designed by Omer Arbel

    Made by Bocci

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    The creative endeavors of Omer Arbel Office effortlessly traverse the realms of design, architecture, sculpture, and innovation. This monograph serves as a comprehensive showcase of twenty-two captivating projects, spanning from illuminating creations for Bocci to furniture designs and standalone residences. Through this collection, readers gain profound insights into the visionary design philosophy of the practice's founder, Omer Arbel, characterized by a daring approach to material exploration and collaborative endeavors.

    Divided into four thematic chapters, this monograph offers a visually stunning journey, featuring exquisite product photography alongside preparatory sketches and archival materials. It unveils the multifaceted nature of Arbel's practice, revealing the depth of his creative vision and the breadth of his experimentation. The inclusion of essays by esteemed contributors such as curator Glenn Adamson and design curator Brendan Cormier enriches the narrative, offering scholarly perspectives on Arbel's work. Additionally, excerpts from historical texts by luminaries ranging from Sigmund Freud to Robert Smithson provide a compelling cultural backdrop, framing Arbel's contributions within broader artistic and intellectual contexts.

    Ultimately, this monograph serves as a testament to the transformative power of contemporary design, offering readers a captivating glimpse into the innovative spirit and interdisciplinary approach of Omer Arbel Office.

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