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Bocci is a design and manufacturing company based in Vancouver and Berlin. Founded in 2005 under the creative directorship of Omer Arbel.

Speaking a language of emotional tenacity and pure poetry, the Bocci brand boasts lighting objects that expand spaces with organic vivacity and radiant luminosity, with a selection of several series of designs that transform interiors through an exploration of glass, sand-casting, copper, brass, molten metal, porcelain, borosilicate, and more. Under the creative direction of Bocci’s prolific and purposeful designer Omer Arbel, the company has produced numerous families of transcendent pendants, a suite of electrical accessories, visually soothing modern benches, and moving installations of light since its launch in 2005. Its inaugural piece, the Series 14 lighting design whose luminous, translucent orbs pepper space with a delicate, haunting glow, has since become a design classic that is celebrated by the public and design enthusiasts alike and remains one of today’s bestsellers.

Nestling a liminal space between architecture, sculpture, invention, and design, works from Bocci emphasize materiality while exploring its limitations and possibilities, using light as the canvas on which such experiments are crafted. Although based in Vancouver and Berlin, with in-house manufacturing, glass blowing and ceramics studios, and experimental projects on display, Bocci’s reach is international – not only are products available in countries the world over, ambitious installations in museums, commercial sites, and public spaces arouse audiences globally with glowing clusters of inspired beauty and an ethereal ambience that stirs the senses and opens minds.

Winner of a copious amount of awards and mentions including the four Red Dot Awards, two Good Design Awards from the Chicago Anthenaeum Museum of Design, two iF Design Awards, the “Best of Year” award from Interior Design Magazine, and the Allied Arts Medal, Bocci has left a mark on the contemporary design landscape as a brand that pushes boundaries and explores new ways of experiencing the spaces we inhabit, always in tune with Luminaire’s desire to find harmony and lyrical poise through the power of good design.

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