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De?!gn: The Problem Comes First

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  • De?!gn: The Problem Comes First

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    At the heart of every innovative design lies a meticulously defined problem statement. "Design: the problem comes first" elucidates this fundamental premise, asserting that the formulation of a precise problem paves the path for revolutionary solutions. Far beyond mere aesthetics, good design is a journey of inquiry, marked by the art of asking pertinent questions and crafting insightful answers.

    This book unravels the design process as a dynamic continuum, beginning with the crystallization of purpose. It navigates through a cascade of inquiries and responses, each engendering the next, until the epiphanic moment of discovery: "Eureka! I have found it!" The elusive solution, poised somewhere in the realm of possibilities, awaits its revelation through diligent problem-solving.

    Comprising 26 captivating case studies, this book serves as a compendium of innovation. Each product is presented as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between problem and solution. These succinct narratives not only elucidate the genesis of ingenious designs but also serve as a pedagogical tool, offering insights into the conceptualization of innovative product concepts.

    Through the lens of Danish ingenuity, "Design: the problem comes first" transcends its role as a mere anthology of success stories. It emerges as a beacon for aspiring designers and innovators, guiding them through the labyrinth of creativity and problem-solving. Whether approached as a narrative journey or a didactic manual, this book celebrates the transformative power of design thinking, showcasing how the right questions can unlock limitless possibilities.

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