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Porro at Luminaire

Realize your dream environment
with furnishings that enchant and closets
that surprise with sophisticated simplicity
and a Made in Italy excellence.

Porro at Luminaire

of Wood—

Robust in warmth, down-to-earth yet refined, wood conveys the wonders of a tender vitality and vigor and charms our environment with serenity and style. Porro stands out as an inventive brand with a rare and intrinsic gift for selecting, working, and interpreting wood to astonishing effect, with a skill unmatched in the field and a finesse defined by sophistication and formalism, clean and essential, exacting and versatile.

Devoted brazenly to the finest in master craftsmanship, Porro realizes cutting-edge production technologies alongside discerning woodworking techniques of the past, in the Italian artisanal tradition, producing objects that showcase wood in both classic and surprising ways.

Porro at Luminaire

for all atmospheres.

Porro at Luminaire

the Essentials—

Basking in the presence of a Porro design is a dream experience, one marked by a sense of mobility and sculptural form that reimagines how we interact with our environment, at once with supreme comfort and elevated convenience aroused by exquisite details that surprise and personalized to one’s desires. With countless compositions available for closets with doors, open units, and walk-in closets, Porro transforms the way one dresses, enchanting our daily rituals with a masterful sense of whimsy and delicacy, tailored to the mood and ambiance of our wishes and bringing the best in minimalist luxury design to the most intimate corners of our homes.

With closets, bookcases, tables, sofas, and armchairs characterized by elegant forms, clean lines, and exceptional woodworking, Porro presents tasteful solutions for interiors that remove that which is unnecessary and leaves behind only the most useful and most beautiful elements for sober classics that amaze with grace and discretion and activate the senses with a sensuous tactility, enlightened aesthetic, and serene ease of use.


the world of Porro
in person.

Luminaire’s passion for modern furnishings is driven by the belief that good design is ultimately about living with greater comfort, elegance and ease.