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Il Rumore del Tempo

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  • Il Rumore del Tempo

    Designed by Gaetano Pesce

    Made by Luminaire

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    That sounds like a truly innovative and visually striking monograph! Gaetano Pesce's approach to design is indeed unconventional and thought-provoking, often challenging traditional notions of form and function. Using materials like pig bristle, coconut fiber, and silicone to create a cover that mimics Pesce's profile is not only a tribute to his creativity but also a bold statement about pushing the boundaries of design.

    Perforated pages add an interactive element, inviting readers to engage with the content in a tactile way, which aligns well with Pesce's philosophy of engaging the senses through design. And featuring a wide selection of his designs from the past five decades offers readers a comprehensive journey through his innovative and influential body of work.

    Overall, this monograph seems like a fitting homage to Gaetano Pesce's emancipation of objects and his lasting impact on the world of design. It's a celebration of creativity, imagination, and pushing the limits of what is possible.

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