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Salvatori at Luminaire

Unleash the sovereignty of stories told in stone with the understated luxury of Salvatori, where Made in Italy artisanal traditions meet with cutting edge technologies for iconic objects of clean, pared-back design that transform how we experience our world.

Salvatori at Luminaire

Stories told
in stone—

With discreet, unassuming products that nevertheless amaze with contemporary flair and timeless elegance, Salvatori has created stories designed with stone since 1946, with passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From pioneering textures for walls and floors, to bathrooms and furnishings for the home, Salvatori’s award-winning designs are never ostentatious, but rather they release the subtle, rich essence found in natural stone, a marvelous gift of nature that in the right hands can become forever relevant and refined.

With a head office located in Northern Tuscany, Salvatori produces everything locally, mere miles from the coast and impressive quarries that are home to the renowned Carrara marble. They combine old-fashioned craftsmanship with the cutting-edge engineering and technical know-how of contemporary design, further validating the richness and authenticity of their Made In Italy brand. Deeply rooted in the company is a fervent passion for natural stone and all its brilliant qualities: as no two pieces are identical, every single product Salvatori designs has its own unique history, its own singular story to tell.

Salvatori at Luminaire

Each stone, each piece
is unique, they have
their own story to tell.

Salvatori at Luminaire

Spirit of

Whether exploring a lucid yet ethereal relationship between light, objects, and space, challenging conventional norms to create functional yet beautiful design, or provoking dialogue with a passionate use of material punctuated by balanced proportions and a sense of rigor, Salvatori objects designed in stone are the product of carefully considered partnerships with leading designers from the around the world, whose unmatched talent and distinct vision are further supplemented by the skilled artisans and teams of engineers who breathe life into their dreams, often pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible with new, bespoke techniques in crafting and handling stone.

From masters of contemporary design and architecture like Piero Lissoni and Kengo Kuma, to some of today’s most thought-provoking designers who find compelling expression in modest simplicity, like John Pawson and Michael Anastassiades, or prolific and award-winning designers Elisa Ossino and Yabu Pushelberg, Salvatori has shared its passion in simple yet elegant aesthetics and enjoyed a mutual exchange of ideas with some of the leading design thinkers of our time while working with notable clients like Armani, Bergdorf Goodman, Salvatore Ferregamo, Sir David Adjaye, and Bottega Venetta during every phase of a project, from stone selection to design, installation, and care.


the world of Salvatori
in person.

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