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Minimal at Luminaire

Discover how Minimal brings to life dream cooking environments that combine Italian craftsmanship with the vision of iconic designers.

Minimal at Luminaire

Poetry in the
Kitchen —

With a fresh, electrifying take on minimalism in its most inviting and emotionally provocative form, Minimal brings us dynamic, customizable kitchens immersed in ethereal beauty, poetic compositions that enliven the spirit and soothe the mind, all tailored to the needs and desires the customers dream in ways that notably affects how one comes to prepare food and gather, intuitive, harmonious, and serene beyond imagination.

From the earliest stages of planning one’s space and designing the units, to the final phase of execution where one’s dreams come alive in the home, Luminaire works with Minimal to ensure a sanctuary of simplicity and perfect precision manifests with the essentials in mind, removing from the designer’s palette the clutter of the unwanted and unnecessary, so that what remains is useful and clean, with a timeless beauty that unites modern craftsmanship with Italian artisanal tradition, cosmopolitan thinking with a youthful passion for what is best in contemporary design today.

Minimal at Luminaire

of Simplicity—

Sensual, harmonious, and with a timeless beauty, Minimal kitchens adapt well to any home, uniting with existing architecture in a well-balanced dance of ingenuity, innovation, and passionate peace, all in a vigorous pursuit of flawless design. Built to last, Minimal products are enduring, pioneering, and resourceful, presented with original designs and projects allied with the only the best in Italian manufacturing traditions.

Minimal at Luminaire

of the

Recently established by a group of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the design industry, Minimal boasts a technologically advanced manufacturing and R&D hub in northeastern Italy, renowned for their refined manufacturing and use of materials of the highest quality. Well-balanced volumes, rational geometries, and remarkable textures excite the senses and relax the soul, easing one into a sacred space of daily rituals made uncanny through the art of good design, comfortable, instinctual, and transcendent.

Minimal designs are celebrated in many cities worldwide, making their philosophy of living – one which finds emotional wholeness in purity of form, material, and simplicity – a new way of life for communities across the globe, always in concert with the best architectural practices and the needs of the consumer, for a renewed, exciting perspective on how we navigate our daily lives and find ourselves roused by the spaces we inhabit.


the world of Minimal
in person.

Luminaire’s passion for modern furnishings is driven by the belief that good design is ultimately about living with greater comfort, elegance and ease.