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Understated Luxury from London

Understated design with meticulous attention to detail and material is the essence of London-based design brand Minimalux.
Understated design with meticulous attention to detail and material is the essence of London-based design brand Minimalux.

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Understated design with meticulous attention to detail and material is the essence of London-based design brand Minimalux. By marrying traditional production techniques with premium materials and lustrous finishes, they produce pure, long-lasting designs for the home as well as the individual. Founded in 2009 by British designer Mark Holmes and industry expert Tamara Caspersz, formerly behind the design brand Established & Sons, the duo has a rich experience in exceptional contemporary design. Focused on bringing “small objects that quietly make a big difference” to the modern, luxury consumer, Minimalux is best summarized in the name itself.

Every concept and design is carefully developed by the Minimalux team and its collaborators in their laboratory-like East London studio. With pieces ranging from jewelry to home accessories and lighting, every item is made by expert craftsmen and engineers in detail-oriented ateliers across Europe and the UK. With about 90% of their designs now produced in London, the brand embraces the advances in manufacturing technology while maintaining the importance and value of hand finishing and attention to detail to form a timeless collection.

“The collection is full of very well engineered elements that all help to maintain the products and expand their life… all without complicating or compromising our very reduced and simple formal language.” – Mark Holmes, CEO & Creative Director

With the aim of providing lasting, understated, luxury designs, Minimalux showcases the beauty of raw and bare metals and leathers without the use of lacquers or special treatments. Each product is hand-finished or polished to an exceptional level. Their cufflinks are precision machined from single bars of solid brass and are detailed in satin, mirror polished or plated metal finishes. The U Candleholder is made of one single length u-shaped tubing and is available in a natural finishing or mirror polished by hand. With the Timeless Wrist Watch, they redefine a classic timepiece with a whimsical twist. The accessory appears to feature all the characteristics of a traditional wristwatch, but a close inspection reveals that the piece features no hands, numbers or distinguishable way of telling the time. The face of the watch is replaced with a blank disc of crystal clear mirror glass that can be used to check your reflection or discretely scan a room. This elegant wrist mirror is handmade in either solid brass or stainless steel and complemented with straps in natural vegetable tanned leather.

In 2018 Minimalux continues to pursue its mission to provide quiet, quality, understated products to the modern consumer by exploring new design concepts and experimenting with new materials and finishes while maintaining their ethos of expert craftsmanship and premium quality materials. During Luminaire’s visit to their beautiful London studio earlier this year, founders Tamara Caspersz and Mark Holmes shared some exceptional new prototypes, newly finished designs as well as re-interpretations of existing products. Luminaire is extremely proud to be an official Minimalux distributor and looks forward to receiving the studio’s newest releases in their showrooms and online store.

September 2018