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Eternal Design, Capturing the Soul

“Minimalism means to contain things more and more to the actual nature and thus make it visible and come alive.”

“Minimalism means to contain things more and more to the actual nature and thus make it visible and come alive.”

Luminaire fell in love with Günter Wermekes’ design over 20 years ago. Instantly moved by its power to capture the soul, we were driven to share his work. For the first time an American audience embraced a new extension of themselves when slipping on a Grenadill Ring or donning the Pendant No. 7 necklace. Luminaire is proud and honored to continue to make Wermekes’ unique creations accessible to the public locally and internationally, both in our showrooms and online.

Born in Kierspe, Germany in 1955, Wermekes trained as a goldsmith and went on to create award-winning products for renowned manufacturers, including BMW and TECNOLumen. In 1989, he opened his own studio for creative freedom to expound on his vision of turning raw, industrial materials like stainless steel, cement and wood into ethereal pieces. Regardless of the scale, the simplicity and restraint of Wermekes’ work prove that beyond function, each piece should speak on its own. The language of each component should express where words would fail.

One of the first designers to work with stainless steel as a precious metal and combine it with diamonds, his creativity garnered attention for his sublime jewelry.

Concentrating on the essential, Wermekes creates jewelry devoid of all ornamentation. The lack of decoration ensures each piece stands the test of time, never falling victim to trends. We were immediately attracted to Wermekes clear vision and unique approach to materials. The design world agreed, proved by the numerous awards he received, most recently appointed to the Red Dot Jury, an award he originally received in 1993. In addition to interacting with our audience at lectures and events, Wermekes has also been a stand-out participant in Luminaire’s Love Series, raising awareness and funds for cancer research in 2006, 2008, and 2011.

After objective review among an international panel from Tang Prize Foundation and the Taiwan Design Center, Günter Wermekes continues to be singled out for his great work with a recent selection as one of the 10 designers competing world-renowned Tang Prize Medal.

February 2014