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Nao Tamura

Nao Tamura is a visionary creator operating at the vanguard of contemporary design. Her multifaceted abilities transcend boundaries of culture, language, and medium, consistently manifesting ingenious concepts with intellect as their cornerstone. With roots in both Tokyo and New York City's vibrant creative scenes, Tamura's creations effortlessly navigate the realms of both 2-D and 3-D, establishing profound emotional connections with audiences worldwide. Resisting conventional industry categorization, Tamura's solutions epitomize a harmonious blend of innovation and aesthetics, transcending mere design to embody a rare fusion of ingenuity and elegance. Tamura's illustrious career has been punctuated by numerous accolades, including the prestigious Gold of Industrial Design Excellence Awards, IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, and EDIDA/Young Designer Talent, among others. Her innovative prowess has been recognized on the global stage, earning her the coveted 1st prize of Milano Salone Satellite Award and further cementing her status as a luminary in the world of design.