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Celebrating Excellence with Luxe and Luminaire

A triumphant host of Gold list designers, architects, and contemporary tastemakers welcomed an evening of joyous festivity in San Francisco.
A triumphant host of Gold list designers, architects, and contemporary tastemakers welcomed an evening of joyous festivity in San Francisco.

On Tuesday, April 30th, from 5pm to 8pm, Luminaire in partnership with Luxe welcomed a triumphant host of designers, architects, and contemporary tastemakers into our San Francisco location for an evening of joyous communion and festivity, celebrating the Gold List of design specialists and experts who make our field replete with sublime inspiration and unveil the ingenuity and alluring splendor that transforms the house into a home measured with beauty, flavor, comfort, and convenience, full of merriment and personalized with the most elegant touches of great contemporary design.

Luxe Interiors and Design, the largest residential and design brand that annually publishes 93 magazines across 14 distinct regional markets, two seasonal editions, and one national edition in order to connect affluent consumers with design professionals and industry insiders, encourages everyone to cultivate the home as the greatest luxury.  Earlier this year, Luxe announced its Gold List of leaders in the design market, from home builders to interior designers, from celebrated architects to those making waves in landscape design, celebrating the home as place for reflection, respite, jubilation, and reverie, at once uplifting and distinctive, rousing yet serene. With distinguished guests from the 476 firms named on the Gold List, with 255 making their debut, 179 honored as Alumni, and 42 celebrated as Luminaries, making the list for five years in a row or more, Luminaire paid tribute to Luxe’s Gold List over drinks along a backdrop of the best in modern and contemporary design, as represented by the pioneering pieces that make Luminaire a cutting-edge and significant voice in the world of design today.

With appearances by the astonishing talent behind Luxe, with its captivating stories and rich, awe-inspiring images, Luminaire was proud to host an event that brought together design enthusiasts and granted a place of recognition for designers, builders, and architects working hard to transform lives through the power of good design, where they can revel in their achievements and connect with consumers and collaborators for future projects, validating their immense commitments and ensuring their work continues to inspire the soul for many years to come. By featuring the striking creators behind the exquisitely spectacular homes that grace the pages of Luxe, Luminaire solidified our aim to endorse good design wherever it may appear, remaining steadfast in its power to affect lives for the better, and celebrating the spaces that breathe life and sophistication in the simple and profound, making the home a place to commemorate with sumptuousness, beauty, functionality, and insight.         

May 2024