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Frieze Art Week Los Angeles

The Frieze Art Fair returns with a commanding presence, deepening connections with art that stirs our sensibilities, poignant and sensational.  
The Frieze Art Fair returns with a commanding presence, deepening connections with art that stirs our sensibilities, poignant and sensational.  

Bending realities with a reimagined public space and an abundance of galleries that focus on talent that amazes and opens our minds to new ways of perceiving the world around us, the Frieze Art Fair returns to Los Angeles with a commanding presence and brazen assurance, transforming the Santa Monica Airport campus into a welcoming haven of culture and community, with the outdoor space hosting installations and pop-ups from some of LA’s most notable restaurants and satellite shows that pepper the space with site-specific artworks and public activations. As we prepare for the event, set to take place from February 29th to March 3rd 2024, we are reminded that art bears the power to transform lives with a poetry of the visual and thought-provoking ideas, uniting people with formidable imagery and an architecture of the senses, sublime, sometimes subtle yet always revolutionary in spirit.

With delightful treasures awaiting to be discovered around every corner of the fair, Frieze promises to awaken creativity and enrich lives with art that surprises and ushers feelings of joy and anticipation, one charming encounter at a time. Whether presenting works from well-known, established galleries that continue to rouse interest with pieces that remains unparalleled in quality and distinction, or introducing avant-garde pieces from up and coming institutions, Frieze offers what is most enthralling about art created today, a variety of aesthetics and techniques that speak to the myriad of ways we interact with our world, redefining what it means to navigate our spaces with curiosity and wonder. From galleries like Petzel, who in their first showing at Frieze will highlight paintings, drawings, and a new set of lamps from celebrated artist Jorge Pardo, to satellite installations like ‘Vessels’ at Sized Studio, where a spectacle of containers, bowls, vases and basins from over 200 artists will enchant and astonish, Frieze explores the intersections that rest between art, design, and culture, harmonizing the functional with the emotional in a pioneering display of beauty and splendor.

With over 95 galleries hailing from 21 countries, featuring local talents like Blum, the Box, and Marc Selwyn Fine Art and international legends like Gagosian, David Zwirner, and White Cube, the main fair marks an appetite for art that is diverse and awe-inspiring, storied and unique. Yet what occurs beyond the main fair attracts attention and elicits an emotionality replete with astonishment and bewitching synergies as well, with preeminent museums like the Getty, the Museum of Contemporary Art, LACMA, ICA LA, and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures hosting events and exhibitions that allow visitors to Frieze to uncover the world-class collections that LA has to offer. Spaces like Prada Mode Los Angeles, Sow & Tailor, and Radius House will also come alive with shows to be revealed throughout the city, from immersive projects that combine text and video images to an exploration of time and interrelatedness with environments and photography that challenge convention. Overall, we look forward to welcoming Frieze back to Los Angeles for a week filled with virtuosity and surprise, enhancing lives and deepening connections with art that stirs our sensibilities and ignites a ponderance of admiration and imagination, poignant and sensational.      

February 2024