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Antonio Citterio at Luminaire Chicago: A Work in Progress

On June 13th, Luminaire hosted Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio for a lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.
On June 13th, Luminaire hosted Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio for a lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

On June 13th, Luminaire hosted Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio for a lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The evening continued with an opening reception for the inauguration of a month-long exhibition of the designer’s work at the Chicago Showroom.

Citterio is known for his uncompromising design vision and is one of the most important contemporary designers working today. He is also known for his dedication to a method-based approach over stylistic solutions. During his lecture, Citterio elaborated on his career, sharing his insight into his creative process with the nearly 400 guests.

The Exhibition

After the insightful lecture, guests proceeded to explore the dynamic exhibition on the showroom’s third level. Aiming to uncover the connective stories between process, product, and design, the exhibition features iconic pieces designed by Citterio from renowned brands including B&B Italia, Vitra, Flos, Technogym, and others.

In this exhibition of Citterio’s industrial design, objects were curated to explore the vital connection between process and product. The exhibition also displays multi-media presentations that share the stories and methods behind the featured products. These visual aids showcase the designer’s architectural works from around the globe which complement and enrich the storytelling experience of the exhibition.

Guests also experienced new work from Omer Arbel with the newly released 87.61 chandelier for Bocci. Made of 61 pendants suspended in clusters on the showroom’s main level, this captivating lighting installation showcases a unique mastery of materials resulting in a striking tactile design. The chandelier pendants are a result of the superheated glass first stretched and then folded back onto itself numerous times to create a taffy-like structure. It is this technique that contributes to the exhibits a stunning pearlescent optical quality.

New Designs Dabeau

Also debuting in Chicago for the first time were new designs for Cassina. Guests relaxed on Soft Props, a new sofa system designed by Konstantin Grcic. This system takes its inspiration from the classic Milanese subway handrails created by Dutch designer Bob Noorda and Italian architect Franco Albini. Launched at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair, the sofa foregoes a traditional backrest in favor of a steel pipe that runs around the seats linking the various seating elements and acting as a support on which loose cushions rest.

Another debut at the event was Patricia Urquiola’s latest sofa for Cassina, Floe Insel. Like a soft floating island, the sofa evokes a desire to discover each side by wandering around it, thanks to its strong visual movement. Guests explored the unique detailed diagonal stitching that follows and highlights the sofa’s many sides, bringing movement to its form.

The day began with a private luncheon in honor of Antonio Citterio. Editors and reporters from major design magazines were escorted by Antonio Citterio, through the exhibit after the lunch concluded. The highlight being Citterio stopping to share stories about each object.

The illuminating event marked 25 years since Antonio Citterio last spoke at Luminaire Chicago. Luminaire’s deeply held belief in the essential design education available to the public is highlighted by Citterio return.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017