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With refined proportions and elegant features, seeking simplicity and perfection in shapes.

With refined proportions and elegant features, seeking simplicity and perfection in shapes, SOLLOS. has shared with the world the timelessness and grace of Brazilian culture since 2004 through noble designs that make the most of superior Brazilian woodworking, uniting modern production methods with artisanal techniques, a celebration of the hand crafted and all of the virtues associated with it.

Concise design, precise execution, rigorous finishings, and the responsible use of materials has connected SOLLOS. with a global audience who respect the brand for its innovation, quality, and sleek aesthetics that combine a minimal feel with utmost functionality, work that stands alone with distinct sculptural presence yet offer unique meanings that converge in sophisticated poise and stunning beauty absent of superfluous frivolities. From sofas, chairs, chaises, and beds to tables, sideboards, bookshelves, and lighting, SOLLOS. offers unique, seamless solutions for living and working both indoors and out, elevating good design to a lifestyle replete with ease, attractiveness, and emotional appeal.

Recognized for their elegance and novelty, SOLLOS. design is realized through the exacting vision of their remarkable designers: studio sollos, with timeless pieces that rouse the senses with clean lines and graceful forms; the accomplished Alvaro Siza with his raw simplicity that transcends the daily hustle and creates harmony in composition; and Jader Almeida, whose fluid lines, soft curves, bowed intersections, repeating geometries, and delicately balanced configurations that flirt with physics granted him numerous awards and accolades. Unpretentious, stunning design in agreement with all ecological requirements defines the SOLLOS. brand, refined, innovative pieces that exude a quiet elegance and satiates space with serene forms, ambient purity, and matchless beauty.