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The magic and mystery of glass, its ethereal beauty, simultaneously strong and robust with a translucence and lightness that feathers space.

The magic and mystery of glass, its ethereal beauty, simultaneously strong and robust with a translucence and lightness that feathers space, charming our world with ephemeral weightlessness, connecting us with our surroundings in ways both bewitching and spiritual, simple yet transcendent, elegant and universal. Since 2003, Santambrogio Milano, founded by Carlo Santambrogio, has beguiled the world with glass, illuminating this hypnotic material in architecture and design pieces across the globe, defined by sustainability, superior craftsmanship, and an aesthetic haunted by serene sophistication and supreme virtuosity.

In 2004, Santambrogio Milano launched its journey toward international repute with the first all-glass kitchen, designed by Ennio Arosio, an accomplished Italian designer who cojoins western pragmatism with eastern sensibilities. Since that time, the company pioneered buildings crafted by solid glass, surrendering reality absorbed into seamless dimensions between space, expanding possibilities through the art of simplicity. Innovative tables, benches, bookcases, beds, sofas, and lamps, all regal monuments to the exquisiteness of glass, pepper the Santambrogio Milano catalogue, proposing a new way of living that embraces the formal purity and enlightened emotions that arise from clean, essential design. From bathrooms and kitchens, counter bars to pergolas, the brand has reimagined glass and the opportunities it avails, making the alluring material an attainable companion in our everyday lives.

Two values of Santambrogio Milano remain constant: that all products are 100% recyclable with environmentally friendly packaging systems, respecting the uniqueness and richness of our planet, and that all they do is marked by a 100% Made in Italy quality that distinguishes them in the world of revered design. Furthermore, due to continuous, rigorous research and testing, Santambrogio Milano glass is declined in different colors and surfaces in order to satisfy ultimate personalization requests, accommodating consumer’s needs and desires. With beautifully crafted, vigorous products produced in high-quality glass, Santambrogio Milano envisions a world where society continues to dream, surrounded by that which enamors and inspires us, where delicate translucence and an entrancing openness reinvents how we move through space and better understand ourselves.