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MDF Italia

Since it was established in 1992, ripened through the pioneering vision of Bruno Fattorini, MDF Italia has channeled design into an art of living.

Undeniably design enhances our well-being, shaping how we interact with the world we inhabit as we move through spaces that inspire and engage with products that rouse us emotionally and connect with us physically. Since it was established in 1992, ripened through the pioneering vision of Bruno Fattorini, MDF Italia has channeled design into an art of living, creating a diverse range of pieces for domestic interiors, public spaces, and workplaces alike, all with a distinctive style focused on emotional depth and precise forms. For this notable Italian brand, good design is an operation of the subtraction of the superfluous, leaving behind only that which is most essential and most beautiful to enrich our mood and our way of life.

As they work in grand synergy with respected designers, talented artisans, and the public, MDF Italia finds inspiration in the universe that surrounds us and the peoples and cultures with whom we interact. Clean lines, solid volumes, and soft filters create inviting interiors designed for living and working in harmony, and MDF Italia products are timeless in their scope while continually evolving to meet contemporary needs for functionality and customization. Since 2013, the company has been owned by Umberto Cassina, who has expanded the sensory, emotional, and cultural dimensions of the brand while maintaining focus of core values: challenge to forge ahead as pioneers of design, identity as it adapts to a changing domestic landscape while always remaining clean, minimal, bold, and transcendent, lightness as defined by concise shape, balanced composition, and detailed design precision, and the ability to inspire wonder through design that astounds and enchants with lively creativity and bold innovation.

Whether offering customers a “spiritual sanctuary” for relaxation and reflection as designed by Neuland Industriedesign, granting a visually exciting space to work, dine, and socialize with Xavier Lust’s lithesome S Table, providing comfortably stylish seating with the Flow collection or award winning Yale sofa from Jean-Marie Massaud, or promoting iconic work like Jean Nouvel’s NVL Table in stone with its strong, pure geometric forms paired with visual lightness, MDF Italia makes possible a masterful design experience to people across the globe with its international reach, meeting the challenges of the world with sophisticated grace through products that demonstrate great respect for ethical values and the environment, always coherent, evolved, radically minimal, and luxurious.