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Living Divani

Founded in the early 1970s, Living Divani has made its trademark of upholstery.

With clean lines, rigorous geometries, harmonious proportions, and a distinct feeling of modest luxury, minimalist and discreet, Living Divani has established itself internationally as an Italian design brand tantamount to quality, innovation, visual virtuosity, and prestige. From the instinctive union of imaginative entrepreneurs Renata Pozzoli and Luigi Bestetti, Living Divani in 1969 birthed a vibrant operation devoted to beautifully balanced aesthetics, quiet elegance, and stylistic individuality in upholstered furnishings designed for both indoor and outdoor climates, all dynamic, fresh, and serene, crafted with skill to the highest quality standards present in the industry.

Since 1988, renown creative and visionary pioneer Piero Lissoni has led the company in the dual role of art director and designer, shaping the brand’s distinct style as one of unmistakable ease and lavish sophistication, visually soothing and deeply emotive. Carla Bestetti, the second generation of this family-owned company located in Brianza, the heart of the Italian furniture district, brings with her an unmatched enthusiasm for the best in contemporary design, carrying on the family tradition with a breadth of femininity and aesthetic sensitivity that maintains Living Divani’s role as a beacon of visual coherence and subtle refinement that resonates with audiences emotionally and viscerally across today’s design landscape. With a distinguished collection of beds, chairs, coffee tables, small armchairs, tables, bookcases, storage units, and carpets, the brand is responsible for creating enchanting atmospheres replete with expressively charged products set in perfect harmony, from the essential and exacting to the eclectic and whimsical.

Unique in their individuality and refined in their skill, the designers of Living Divani possess a deep understanding of what makes good design great, having been scouted through a careful selection process that matches young talent with highly respected established creatives, all committed to quality, ingenuity, and originality. A member of the Italian luxury brands committee Altagamma since 2012, Living Divani continues to pave paths towards good design with their own unique style and cultured perspective, with technical performance and custom-made solutions that translates to the commercial sector as dynamically as it does to the intimate spaces of our homes. Encountering a Living Divani design is most certainly a divine experience, graced with a profound elegance and transcendent simplicity.

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