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Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen has defined Nordic design with impressive organic shapes, natural materials of superior quality.

With a rich, storied history that spans over 150 years, Fritz Hansen has defined Nordic design with impressive organic shapes, natural materials of superior quality, and exquisite craftsmanship in the Danish artisanal tradition, imbuing spaces across the globe with iconic objects with a sculptural presence that stands the tests of time and beautifies interiors with a clean, noble aesthetic, solidifying their standing as a leading interior design brand that invites poetic reflection both classic and contemporary. From collaborations with historic pioneers of design like Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjaerholm, Vernor Panton, and Hans J. Wegner, to work with contemporary visionaries like Piero Lissoni, Nendo, Jaime Hayon, Kasper Salto, and Cecilie Manz, Fritz Hansen has proven a world leader in good design, shaping the Danish design tradition with extraordinary, expressive products that unify form and function in unprecedented ways.

Founded in Copenhagen in 1872, the company began with the vision of resourceful and creative cabinet maker Fritz Hansen, who opened a furniture production company in his own name, devoted to enduring, high quality design. He quickly established a reputation as a premier maker of quality furniture, landing contracts with a long list of prestigious clientele including the Danish Parliament and Supreme Court at Christiansburg Palace, the University Library, Copenhagen City Hall, and other institutions. A defining moment in the brand’s history is when Fritz’s son, Christian, began to experiment with steam-bending wood, an economical and ecological production technique with a rich heritage that later made Fritz Hansen a pioneer in molded and laminate wood furniture, many of which pieces are icons still today. Invested in a divinely graceful Nordic simplicity, with materials like wood and steel that speak to our natural environment with delicate poise and elegant subtlety, and inspired by the Bauhaus tradition, Fritz Hansen led the world in its embrace of Scandinavian design in the mid-century, with a lighter, more practical approach to design that features clean lines and arresting details for a warm yet distinctly modern aesthetic coveted by audiences all over the world.

Whether purchasing Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Ant chair, predecessor to the equally notable Series 7 chair, relaxing in Poul Kjaerholm’s PK80 daybed, or gathering around Piet Hein and Bruno Mathsson regal Super Elliptical Table, owning a work from Fritz Hansen is like owning a piece of design history, a story told in good design that can be passed down to generations. Paired with masterful works of contemporary design, like the Ro chair by famed Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, whose beauty and comfort meets the high standards of the Fritz Hansen promise, the Alphabet sofa by contemporary powerhouse Piero Lissoni, or Nendo’s No 2 Recycled chair made from upcycled household waste and inspired by a folded piece of paper, Fritz Hansen continues to craft pieces that will become the icons of the future and convey the importance of furniture as an expression of individuality. With ISO 14001 certification and the signing of the UN Global Compact, Fritz Hansen is also strongly committed to reducing any negative impact of production on people and the environment, and with a Premium Quality check on each piece made, Fritz Hansen guarantees that all products are expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, harnessing the beauty of each material used for pieces that are forever relevant and poised to grace your space with enduring beauty and clever functionalism, virtuous and timeless.

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