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Desalto creates tables, chairs, sofas, and garden furniture that elevate dwellings, offices, hotels, and restaurants.

Imbued with expressive elegance, harmony of proportions, clean design, and an uncanny originality, Desalto creates tables, chairs, sofas, and garden furniture that elevate dwellings, offices, hotels, and restaurants with refined vigor and an unparalleled quality known to only the best in Italian design. The Desalto story was born in 1990 when the four Orsengio brothers, heirs to a metalworking family steeped in the production tradition of brianzola of the 1950s, decided to focus their expertise on the world of furnishings, embracing contemporary challenges and working with esteemed established and up-an-coming designers to bring to the world unique pieces of furniture that blend advanced technology with the indelible craftsmanship for which the Lombardy region is known, each piece bestowed with long-lasting value and exceptional beauty.

For over 30 years, Desalto has become known as for products that are both aesthetically impeccable and blissfully functional in comfort and ease of use, becoming an ambassador of contemporary Italian design throughout the world. For Desalto, true excellence lies in the interaction between innovation and tradition. With a deep commitment to technical and functional research, a vast curiosity for new technologies and innovative materials, brilliant expertise in high-machining combined with the creativity of Desalto designers and exceptional skill of Italian artisans, the company offers a discerning clientele the promise of a Made in Italy excellence partnered with a sophisticated design style. Since every stage of production, from prototype to engineering, from laser cutting to welding, from varnishing to the choice of materials and their quality, is handled by Desalto with attention to detail and meticulous quality control, customizable furnishing solutions are possible, should changes to colors or sizes best suit the needs of the consumer.

Always sensitive to the environment, Desalto is committed to sustainable practices, as seen in its galvanic plant, whose exemplary water cycle is used, recycled, and purified in compliance with the most strict regulations. It also boasts an innovative photovoltaic plant that consists of 1730 solar panels and whose energy supports the entire company’s needs. When it comes to product sustainability, Desalto ensures that each piece is designed to last a lifetime and beyond, eliminating the need for replacements and leaving behind a small carbon footprint.

With renowned collaborators like Arik Levy, Elisa Ossino, Hannes Wettstein, Marc Krusin, Nendo, Piero Lissoni, Tokujin Yoshioka, and many more, it is no surprise that Desalto has produced iconic pieces that have received awards and accolades at the international level. From the Compasso D’Oro, to the Best of the Best at the Interior Innovation Award in Cologne and the Red Dot Design Award, Desalto is recognized as a leading design company whose products inspire audiences with emotive rigor and profound beauty, landing pieces like the Entronauta chair a home in the permanent collection at MoMA New York. Whether looking to infuse the home with a clean harmony of formal precision and aesthetic grace or finding furnishings that saturate space with unique sensuality, sublime linearity, and serene charm, Desalto is poised to provide the best of what Italy has to offer the world in terms of research and development, production know-how, creativity, and craftsmanship, all fueled by a passion for what is best in contemporary design today.