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Every ClassiCon design tells an intriguing, many layered story.

Every ClassiCon design tells an intriguing, many layered story, whether looking back to the movements and names that redefined design history over several decades, like Eileen Gray’s Adjustable Table E1027, or a piece that courageously welcomes new perspectives on design today, like Sebastian Herkner’s Bell Side Table. With an impressive roster of international designers, some iconic, some established, some young, and even some yet to be known, ClassiCon prides itself on its departure from “familiar ground” – it is a brand tantamount to the novel and the unexpected, while probing for pieces that are, above all, timeless and emotionally poignant, made to, like a good friend, accompany one through the course of their lives, long-lasting, reliable, and beautiful, and in the best possible scenario, passed down for generations to come.

Thinking globally yet working locally, ClassiCon manifests good design through the hands of local, expert artisans and craft businesses that carefully fashion each piece with precision and skill, complemented with the most modern of production methods for final products that are spirited, innovative, visually arresting, and durable. As the name implies, “ClassiCon” speaks to the juxtaposition of the classic and the contemporary, producing iconic pieces whose rare and precious originals are seen in museums around the world alongside contemporary masterpieces who are already in notable collections as classics of the future, pioneering, inventive, and virtuous.

A significant member of the international design community since 1990, emerging from the traditional Vereinigte Werkstatten, ClassiCon corporate headquarters is based out of Munich, where a focus on that which is most essential and beautiful is reflected smartly in a building whose authentic use of glass, concrete, and wood reverberates in the most treasured chapters of modern design history, simple yet sophisticated, stately yet current. High quality, emotionally riveting, and forward-thinking, ClassiCon pieces stand the test of time while writing stories without end, ready to be welcomed in interiors across the globe as members of a family at once celebrated and cherished.