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    The Standalto sofa boasts an innovative structure that incorporates the essential element of the "intelligent cushion". With a simple, light pressure, the backrests and armrests can be shaped as desired while still providing maximum comfort thanks to the high level of softness.

    This "intelligent" cushion represents a true revolution in relaxation and well-being, modifying the sofa's aesthetics and providing ever-changing and customizable comfort. With its suspension 15 centimeters above the ground, Standalto's stylistic proportions create an airy, floating effect. 

    The Smart Cushion is a brand new concept of relaxation that reflects years of reflection, study, and technological research. Hidden from view but immediately available for use, the secret lies inside the sofa. Joints made of special materials allow you to shape the cushion to your liking, whether you want it pulled up or down or positioned in a way that best suits your needs at that time - all with a slight hand pressure. 

    Whether used as a backrest or armrest, the Smart Cushion's hidden mechanisms are true engineering masterpieces that offer unparalleled comfort and cater to your idea of comfort. Standalto's innovative structure and intelligent cushion make it a truly exceptional sofa that will provide you with a unique and personalized relaxation experience.   

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