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Prostoria, is a young company enmeshed in a design culture that values cooperation and a free exchange of ideas.

Nestled among the beauteous Croatian scenery, Prostoria, formerly known as Kvadra, is a young company enmeshed in a design culture that values cooperation and a free exchange of ideas, where designers, engineers, artisans, and all of the actors participating in the production of furniture grow together to uncover innovative solutions and meticulously execute them to the highest level of contemporary design, never compromising quality to make fresh ideas come to life. Prostoria is a story about the reintroduction of continuity in both Croatia and Central Europe, where a vital design scene and a deep understanding of the furniture industry unite in a remarkable tradition of research, innovation, and passionate aesthetics, treasuring comfort and a divine tactility within serene, streamlined forms.

In just a few short years, Prostoria has amassed a collection of numerous awards for cutting edge design and brand leadership, including the German Brand Award in the category Excellent Brands – Interior and Living 2021; the Golden Key Award 2018; the Red Dot Design Award 2015 for Oblique, with a characteristic profile defined by two triangular prisms and maximum foam thickness for unbeatable comfort; Interior Innovation Awards 2015 for Strain, a visually light and remarkably comfortable easy chair, and Seam, a slender sofa marked by a unifying line which goes all over and draws the sofa’s shape; the iF Design Award, and many others. With a strategic and fiery dedication to research-based design, authenticity, and social responsibility, Prostoria boasts a catalogue that already includes some new icons of contemporary design including the Polygon armchair and Revolve transformable sofa, two pieces that are distinctly contemporary in form and pleasing to use.

Now a leading brand in the Central European market, Prostoria is international, exporting products to over 60 countries on 5 continents, revitalizing the furniture industry with a marked freshness in both style and function, grounded in tradition and always taking pride in their work and the heritage they leave behind. Even the materials they chose are steeped in tradition, opting for local solid woods when it best suits the design idea, and with sofas, chairs, poufs, sofabeds, barstools, and tables of all sizes, designed with sensuous materiality and modern sensibilities and crafted by skilled local artisans with high quality forever paramount, Prostoria does not shy away from risks and always manages to bring to life aesthetic pleasure, premium comfort, and innovative excellence with designs that speak to the senses and capture the soul, dynamic, honest, and sustainably driven.