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Founded in 2007, Lasvit is a relatively young company yet is steeped in a long history of glassmaking in Northern Bohemia.

Founded in 2007, Lasvit is a relatively young company yet is steeped in a long history of glassmaking in Northern Bohemia, a place recognized for famous glassworks and the indomitable skills of local craftsmen where glass becomes a conduit for stories of light and beauty, uplifting spaces with the delicate elegance of crystalline forms. Born into a glassmaking family spanning six generations in Liberec, Czech Republic, Leon Jakimič established Lasvit with the aim of becoming the most inspirational glassmakers in the world, marrying the glassmaking tradition with an enthusiasm for cutting-edge design and innovation and enriching lives worldwide with aesthetic treasures, light, and an unassailable Bohemian spirit.

The name Lasvit hails from the Czech words for “love” and “light”, and it is undeniable that both permeate the essence of Lasvit products, whether gracing spaces with riveting lighting designs, enhancing the tabletop with bowls, glasses, and dinnerware that shine with exquisite splendor, or enlivening the home with vases, objects, and sculptures that surprise with a unique brilliance that delights and astounds. With exciting collaborations with some of the most influential designers working today, from Zaha Hadid to Kengo Kuma, Nendo, Arik Levy, Maarten Bass, the Campana Brothers, Yabu Pushelberg, deForm, Maurizio Galante, and many more, Lasvit follows the tradition of the oldest glassworks and takes pride in the highest level of craftsmanship while pushing the boundaries of what can be done in glass with innovative modern technologies.

A brand leader in design lighting in mouth-blown glass, Lasvit is also the designer and manufacturer of bespoke lighting installations, using light and glass to tell the story of the place for which it has been made in over 2,220 hotels, private residences, cruise ships and numerous public and private spaces all over the world. Lasvit also transforms glass into modular systems used for architecture, building walls and partitions, external building facades, and curtain walls, always made to Bohemian perfection with one finger one the pulse of progress. Currently, Lasvit is also building a glass house in Novy Bor, where the headquarters and heart of Lasvit lay. Winner of the prestigious Milan Design Award 2018, Lasvit is a breathtaking experience in light and design, with simple, refined details and an elevated yet serene language of approachability and wonder. In all, Lasvit has become the new symbol of an old Bohemian tradition, exploring the materiality of glass with a range of emotions that are at once nostalgic, playful, sophisticated, and profound.

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