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Since its inception in 2005, kymo has enlivened interiors with carpeting that is bold, elegant, and modern.

Since its inception in 2005, kymo has enlivened interiors with carpeting that is bold, elegant, and modern, presenting a rich diversity in carpet designs that have reimagined how we interpret spaces through the flooring it presents, luxurious, sophisticated, colorful, and impactful. Given kymo’s dedication to presenting carpets that are visionary, unique, and all-encompassing, they created a new name to describe them – their products are more than rugs, or carpets, or flooring, they are known as “floorwear”, exclusive, specific, refined, and contemporary, all lavish in tactility and precise in detailing.

Over the years, leading international firms from Mercedez-Benz to Escada and Nespresso have launched their brand boutiques with floorwear from kymo, bringing to their space a sense of modern sophistication and style in line with their elite reputations. In 2017, kymo was responsible for the entire fitting of a designer hotel, Temptation Hotel in Cancun. A welcomed exhibitor in important design fairs like the imm cologne and Salone del Mobile, kymo has over the last decade established its status as a notable creator of the finest floorwear available across the globe, now with distribution centers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Winner of numerous design awards, including two iF Design Awards, four German Design Awards, Red Dot Design Award, and the Good Design Award, kymo floorwear is celebrated for its innovative aesthetics, outstanding brand management, and for fine German craftsmanship that unites tradition with pioneering production techniques. Whether presenting invigorated interiors in a commercial setting or brightening one’s home with the imitable elegance specific to their brand, kymo has become synonymous with style, sophistication, the luxurious, and the unexpected, all with floorwear that captures the eye and harmonizes space with subtle ambience, delightful charm, and distinct panache.