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Where Possibilities Unfold

A Journey of Everlasting Connection

Design Process

Our Palette of Inspiration.

We understand that your environment should be a true reflection of your deepest wishes and desires, an embodiment of your unique taste and style.

Exquisite Materials

Each choice we make is a testament to our commitment to creating a haven of extraordinary refined beauty.

Masterful Creators

Our designers and architects breathe life into each element that resonate deeply within your heart.


Our Partner Brands.

Luminaire has cultivated enduring partnerships of global designers, along with the foremost creators of contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories. These invaluable collaborations empower us to offer our customers an incomparable selection of the most exquisite furnishings available.


Poltrona Frau


Luminaire Studio

The Symphony of Creation.

Luminaire, clients can meet with our expert design team and review proposed projects, envisioning new ways of living with good design beyond what could be previously conceived, all in a comprehensively sleek environment created for you by Luminaire, at once arresting, inclusive, and informative.


Where Everything Connects and Uplifts

Embarking on a dreamlike journey, we invite you to a transcendent experience where mobility and sculptural form harmonize, reshaping our connection with the world around you. This extraordinary encounter unfolds with a seamless fusion of supreme comfort and elevated convenience, while exquisite details delight and personalize every desire. Offering an abundance of possibilities for Closets, Kitchens, and Bathrooms, Luminaire reimagines our daily rituals, infusing them with whimsical mastery and a delicate touch that enchants your soul.




Design Services

Let's Embark on a Journey to Make Timeless Memories

In this journey, we'll create memories within your own intimate moments. A cozy evening at home, cuddled up with a book or watching our favorite movies, will be just as cherished as grand adventures. Let's celebrate the little things and find joy in the simplicity of everyday life.