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Luminaire Wonderland

Ouverture— Classic in
its future form.

The week began with the relaunch of Ouverture, an iconic, forward-looking design created by Pierluigi Cerri in 1982 and reintroduced by Poltrona Frau 40 tears after its debut. Hosted at Luminaire Coral Gables, the brunch event served as the inaugural event for the week and brought together designers, clients, and the curious in a relaxed setting for conversation with the Italian brand's CEO Nicola Coropulis.

The event served as a meeting point at the start of guests Miami Art Week adventures. Creative minds from varying fields mixed together over brunch and drinks discussing not only the week ahead, but the powerful design statement the sofa made.

The event was complemented by dramatic music played from Transparent speakers. A wink to the sofa's name and one of its inspirations, classical music, the sound created a pleasant backdrop within the showroom.

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