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Design Services

Create spaces
that inspire—

Design Services

We put everything
on the table,
including the table —

Discover a Luminaire designed space and feed your imagination with the wonders of a sensuous materiality and a visual charm, enveloped by products that inspire the soul with delightful, elegant forms and bespoke arrangements, perfectly adapted to your needs and desires and reinvigorating how you live. Transforming lives with good design for over four decades, Luminaire reimagines how we move through our daily routines with inventive and emotionally arresting design possibilities that captivate the senses and fuel your dreams, delivered with unparalleled expertise and high quality service, detailed, revitalizing, and all encompassing.

Design Services

The ace
in our sleeve—

At Luminaire, good design enlivens the soul with a harmony of proportions and infuses joy into everyday living, affecting lives with unique spaces that move beyond the visual and engulf all senses with illuminating vitality and boundless imagination. Our intimate, enduring relationships with the most highly celebrated designers and manufacturers living today sets us apart from other design institutions and ensures that our clients benefit from added-value services from the smallest facets of design selection to the carefully monitored timeline of delivery and installation, deftly considered and meticulously executed, always in tune with the timeline and budget our clients desire. We welcome you into our home, to embrace the transformative power of good design, and experience first hand the awe-inspiring curiosities of a Luminaire designed space.



Design Services

your dreams—

Many of the things our clients like best about Luminaire are not to be found on the showroom floor. Our passion percolates through every phase of a project, from the nativity of a design idea to the venture’s actualization, where good design in all its forms transcends hopes and exceeds expectations, enchanting the mind with stunning environments brought to life with our team of design professionals and interior architects, there to guide you every step of the way. The emotional and poetic power of good design is embedded in our ethos, for when Luminaire takes on a project for you, there is a level of confidence few other companies can provide. We know you will feel the difference.

Desing Services

Where magic

Watch your dreams unfold as you step into a space full of surprises, replete with designs that activate the senses and enchant the soul. With Studio Services at Luminaire, clients can meet with our expert design team and review proposed projects, envisioning new ways of living with good design beyond what could be previously conceived, all in a comprehensively sleek environment created for you by Luminaire, at once arresting, inclusive, and informative.

Design Services

Many of the things
our clients like best
about Luminaire are
not to be found on the showroom floor.

When Luminaire takes on a project for you, there is a level of confidence that few other companies anywhere can provide. We know you’ll appreciate the difference.