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Claudio La Viola

He has since held numerous workshops at the Politecnico of Milan, one of the most prestigious design, engineering and architecture schools in...
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A project without a soul is not a project in the first place.

Claudio La Viola

This expression lies at the core of Claudio La Viola’s modus operandi. A purist, yet passionate and enthusiastic, La Viola fervently transfers emotion into his work. His vision is a global one; he pours his love for the myriad of lifestyles he has encountered into his designs, thereby making his work alive and accessibile to people from all over the world. However, his work inevitably echos his own vibrant personality and curiosity, exhibiting relentless innovation in his use of materials, extensive research, and attention to detail.

La Viola’s journey through the world of design is by far a remarkable one. In the 1970s, he emerged as a fashion designer, impressing the industry with the breath of his creativity and the refined focus of his vision. It was not until 1990, alongside the talented, imaginative architect Massimo Reccanello, that La Viola redirected his creative intuition from fashion to infusing design and architecture with energy and life.

He has since held numerous workshops at the Politecnico of Milan, one of the most prestigious design, engineering and architecture schools in Italy. And today he is supported by a group of partners called Claudio La Viola Massimo Reccanello e Associati. Based in the new Studio in Corso Venezia 5, on the 7th floor of the Aurelia Building which was designed by the Studio, the skilfully talented group focuses on architecture, interior design, designed objects and graphic design with the help of qualified experts. Work is carried out for a sophisticated clientele in search of refined and contemporary environments.

La Viola also collaborates with companies such as Agape, Falper, Rapsel, Richard Ginori, Via Bizzuno and Zani&Zani to create joyful pieces marked by his signature style. And if that wasn’t enough, La Viola is the Art Director of Brix, the premiere manufacturer and design company of contemporary surfaces. Brix is unmatched in quality and in the unique designs of it’s products, creating surfaces by notable designers such as Andree Putman, Claudio Silvestrin, Matti Frignani, Roberto and Ludovica Palomba, Giampaolo Benedini and, of course, La Viola himself.

Luminaire is elated to have the opportunity to work closely with such an avant-garde visionary. It is sometimes hard to believe that La Viola is indeed self-taught. From fashion to furnishings, to design objects, to jewellery, surfaces, architecture and even perfume, La Viola’s contribution to contemporary design has been all encompassing, illustrating that design is not simply a product but a lifestyle that can enrich many lives.