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Arne Quinze

"I love rules, because when I know them, I know how to avoid them?. I am an ardent fan of chaos, the lack of a system. It is my engine as a designe...
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“I love rules, because when I know them, I know how to avoid them?. I am an ardent fan of chaos, the lack of a system. It is my engine as a designer. I create chaos, which for me is the origin of complete independence. A project doesn’t really catch my interest until I hear the words ‘cant be done’.”

Arne Quinze is the founder and art director of Quinze & Milan, who he operates with fellow designer and business partner Yves Milan. His eventful youth exposed his creative mind to the elements of urban street life, replete with graffiti art and biker gangs. These experiences molded Arne into an individual who embraces beauty even more so when it challenges established dogmas of the design world.

Quinze & Milan recognize that we live among a universal mélange of people who seek to combine technologies and unexpected materials and imagine objects inspired by the cross-pollination of cultures and lifestyles.

‘I find the synergy enormously fascinating,’ says Quinze. The results are not intended as an end to a process, but the beginning of a discussion and an expression of a spirit. More than a design agency, Quinze & Milan is a platform that also features the work of other designers and that supports architects and designers in the realization of their ideas. Quinze designs graphics, architecture, sportswear, perfume bottles, household accessories, lorries, and creates installations such as Uchronia, the timber sculpture that was one of the most dominating structures at Burning Man 2006 in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

In June 2006, Luminaire showcased the work of Arne Quinze in the group exhibition ‘Belgian Brilliance Takes Many Forms’ during Neocon in Chicago. Later that year, Quinze’s ‘Galactic Transporter’ was a highlight of the 4D exhibition at Luminaire Contract, on view during Design Miami 2006 in December. Likewise, in the 2006 Puppy Love exhibition and auction at Luminaire, Quinze created Charlie, a 3D plastic puppy lovingly adorned with Swarovski crystals and 1000 slender wooden sticks to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

Once again, in 2008, Quinze created ‘Fragile Stilthouse’ for PaperLove, the second ‘Love’ series exhibition and auction that raised funds to fight cancer research. Drawing inspiration from Japanese paper houses, this delicate art piece strikes a balance between strength and protection with its wooden structure, and openness and sensuality with its soft paper walls. Luminaire was grateful to once again collaborate with Quinze, exhibiting his unique work while raising money to find a cure for cancer.