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Amini at Luminaire

Amini stands as a brand under ABC (Amini Brothers Company), founded in 1962 by Sultan Amini. Its innovative and dynamic framework distinguishes it as a unique entity in the interior design sector.

Renowned for its capability to conceptualize, produce, and promote a diverse range of carpets, spanning from handcrafted to machine-made, from contemporary designs to exclusive limited editions crafted by accomplished artists. This remarkable array of products is made feasible through the effectiveness of a well-established organization with manufacturing facilities situated across various countries, from Nepal to India, Afghanistan to Turkey, and Morocco, where carpet weaving serves as a reflection of local heritage.

Moreover, the scale of operations is not merely geographic. A few statistics suffice to elucidate the extent and production capacity of ABC: 750,000 square meters of carpets stored in warehouses, over 3 million pieces housed in the expansive logistics center south of Milan, and annual global shipments. This industrial perspective, coupled with a commitment to mutual exchange, draws upon the artisanal essence of the product while facilitating efficient, customer-centric management of each production batch. It's noteworthy that bespoke items currently account for over 25% of the overall output, underscoring the company's adaptability to diverse needs and preferences.