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For over half a century, Amini carpets have stood for expert quality, dynamic innovation, and visual fascination.

For over half a century, Amini carpets have stood for expert quality, dynamic innovation, and visual fascination, weaving the traditions of Afghanistan, Amini’s homeland, with modern production techniques and a deep admiration for the local cultures who produce their pieces, whether by machine or by hand, from Nepal to India, Afghanistan to Turkey and Morocco, where carpet making continues to express the soul and inspire the senses. Whether with mass-produced works meant to enliven homes across the globe or with limited edition items from highly celebrated, sophisticated artists, Amini boasts an exceptional product range, bespoke, industrial, vibrant, and unique, all crafted with a precise attention to detail that transcends hopes and exceeds expectations.

Renowned for their talent in designing, executing, and marketing refined, luxurious carpets for a variety of situations, Amini is dedicated to aesthetics that are modern, elegant, novel, and urbane, encouraged by the past while creating for the future. This unity of past and present is best expressed in their Icons Collection, where works by masters of 20th century design inspire carpets made for today, whether recreating the sober elegance of Gio Ponti in Tibetan wool and natural silk designs that are measured and sophisticated, showcasing carpets that reinterpret the pure forms and unique color palette of Manlio Rho, or summoning the aesthetic of Joe Colombo with hand-tufted, New Zealand wool blends that ignite a 1960s feel.

In 2018, Amini opened their showroom in Milan on via Borgogna, and has since housed a rich roster of enlightening exhibitions, some curated by famed architects and designers like Rodolfo Dordoni, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Elisa Ossino and Juma. In addition, Amini Studio launched at the company headquarters near Milan, where a team of highly specialized professionals lend their technical and creative expertise to designers, architects, interior decorators, and private customers for large scale projects in hotels and apartment buildings around the world. In all, Amini designs are sophisticated, imaginative, and supremely beautiful, and Luminaire is proud to make their distinguished selection of carpets available to our public, transforming spaces with design that is inspired, spirited, cultured, and unique.