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Beyond the Surface: Jake Dyson's CSYS LED Task Lamp

Since 1962, LED lighting has become synonymous with efficiency.
Since 1962, LED lighting has become synonymous with efficiency.

Since 1962, LED lighting has become synonymous with efficiency. Nonetheless, many LED desk lights lack reliability and innovation in both function and sustainability. Since they generate a lot of heat in a very small area, LEDs can burn out earlier than desired. They also generate weak light distribution with a rather ugly light color far too often, and that at times can make for a less-than-optimal work or home environment.

Thankfully, British engineer Jake Dyson and his team of designers recognized these problems and, after 18 months of intense research and development into thermal management systems, introduced an ingeniously elegant solution called the CSYS LED desk lamp. Recognizing that a cooler LED means a longer life, Dyson employed heat pipe technology like that used in satellites or to cool microprocessors to reduce heat to 30 degrees Celsius and make it five times more efficient than a halogen bulb. This means the CSYS provides 160,000 hours of illumination, or 37 years at 12 hours of use per day. In addition, CSYS radiates a comfortable shade of light. The intensity and spread of light adjusts as the arm moves up and down, in and out, and spins around – all with the simple touch of a finger. The three-wheel design also promises not to sag over time.

As aesthetically appealing as it is practical, the CSYS was inspired by an architect’s drafting board with clean, graceful lines that imitate the look of a construction crane. It comes in five colors: black, white, industrial blue, industrial red, and putty gray.

We invite you to experience this strikingly innovative design at Luminaire Chicago where it will be initially presented during NeoCon.

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June 2012