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Boffi at Luminaire

Discover how Boffi brings to life dream cooking environments that combine Italian craftsmanship with the vision of iconic designers.

Boffi at Luminaire

Redefine your

Engaging and elegant, Boffi kitchens at Luminaire inspire the soul. They sing alive with conversation and relaxation as one not only prepares food but connects with others through the rituals that center the home.

With remarkable designs from contemporary heroes like Piero Lissoni and Patricia Urquiola to historic powerhouses like Joe Colombo, Boffi kitchens rouse the senses with the highest quality kitchens available in an international market, crafted with refined sensibilities and limitless imagination.

Boffi at Luminaire

A mastery of
design and functionality
to master cuisine

Boffi at Luminaire

A union of craft
and technology

In the 25,000 square meters of production area, in the furniture district of Brianza, old techniques such as the glossy lacquer Polyester are complemented by cutting-edge techniques in strong continuity with the territory and local traditions. Heritage and innovation coexist in collections, highly customisable thanks to special finishes and dimensions, an ever more important offer especially within international markets and among sophisticated audiences.

In the history and corporate culture of Boffi, Sustainability has always been of significant importance. A path started as a family tradition and strengthened over the years that allowed the company to make grounds in the territory in which it operates and grows by participating actively in the history of Italian design. Sustainability is an integral part of the values, culture, creativity, technology and entrepreneurship by Boffi and cuts across all planning decisions, production and testing.


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Luminaire passion for modern furnishings is driven by the belief that good design is ultimately about living with greater comfort, elegance and ease.