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This is a story about the feeling that Made in Italy design is able to evoke and about the balance of the ingredients.

One plunges into deep comfort and is enveloped by the rich materiality of the finest leather with furnishings from the notable Italian brand Baxter, celebrated for elevating leather processing to a new high art form with sofas, beds, armchairs, office furniture, and outdoor designs that reflect a feeling of profound contentment with aesthetics that please and textures that excite.

Founded in 1990 by Luigi Bestetti, alongside his nephew Paolo, Baxter is a family-run company that encapsulates what is best about the signature “Made in Italy,” with high quality craftsmanship from Italian master tanners who work and dye the leather according to ancient traditions, with natural anilines. This full grain, precious leather comes from the mountains of Northern Europe, and at the hands of Italy’s artisans, the leather remains elastic, breathable, resilient, and markedly tactile, with marks and imperfections that make each piece unique. Baxter, like Luminaire, believes that good design is like our “third skin,” as our environment is an extension of our bodies and the spaces we navigate. For Baxter, leather furniture is a complement to the body of those who use it, comfortable, precious, and imaginative, where good design creates the emotions and the sensory experiences that fuel our dreams and bring welcomed composure to our daily lives.

In collaboration with highly respected designers like Piero Lissoni, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Pietro Russo, and Roberto Lazzeroni, among others, Baxter explores textures and experiments with color to create designs that are timeless yet unique, straddling the classic and the futuristic, at times unexpected yet always unparalleled in elegance and ease of use, soothing, sophisticated, and serene. Whether enjoying a relaxed dining experience on Clara, a modular leather bench with a back, showcasing beloved personal affects on Joni, an open wooden and leather bookcase, or basking in the glowing ambience of Nuvola, a pendant lamp whose shape mimics the undulations of the clouds, one cannot escape the emotional resonance of a Baxter design as it molds and manifests our moods, at once harmonious, noble, and assured.